Adult Soccer Program

Adult Leagues share this gift with the adults of AYSO communities – graduated youth players, parents of players, volunteers who just love the game! Soccer is a universal language and speaks to all ages. Adult Leagues are a way to create a stronger soccer family by sharing the common bond of soccer beyond the youth program!

Adult Leagues affiliate with the North American Adult Soccer Association (NAASA), currently the only adult soccer member organization of USSF. NAASA’s mission is to promote the game of SOCCER for men and women, in an atmosphere of Fun, Fair Play and Friendship. Their mission fits in just right with the “AYSO Way!”

The Adult Soccer Program is offered in the off season (June through August) with a loyal following that gives the older, but young at heart players a opportunity to kick the ball around.

Highlights of the Program

  1. Number of Matches — 16 Matches from late June through the middle of August..
  2. Play Days — Monday and Thursday
  3. Format of Play — 8 v 8 on a 3/4 Size Field
  4. Dress Code — White or Navy/Dark T-Shirt for teams with Shin Guards and Proper
  5. Soccer Cleats/Footwear
  6. Player Skills — Players do not need to have soccer skills prior signing up, the teams are balanced as best as they may based upon information regarding your soccer skills and prior year eveluation by the League Director.

Registration Dates & Times

Registration Form

If you are intrested in playing adult soccer, please fill out this form and put “Adult Soccer” in the subject line.

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